How to create a comfortable home office

It’s practically impossible to tune out distractions when working from home, but you can create a working environment to help you find success. Although this can amount to keeping treats out of the house and blocking social media, the core of creating a productive working environment at home is by designing a home office where you can work and focus. Here are tips to help you create a productive home office.

Find a hot spot

Finding dedicated office space can be tricky if you have a small apartment. But you need to create a dedicated home office space, even if it’s not the spacious, idyllic, well-lit office you’ve been dreaming about. Create a dedicated space you can use only for work, even if it’s just a specific seat around your kitchen table. The key to creating a productive working environment is separating a relaxing space from a workspace.

Bring nature into your working space

Technology comes up at the mention of workspace, but bringing nature into your home office can make a significant difference. Plants will remind you that there’s life and a breathing world outside of work. Plants have a scientifically-backed value of reducing stress levels and creating a calm working environment.

Choose the right desk and chair

Choosing a comfortable chair and desk for your home office is necessary. Pick a desk that’s wide enough to hold anything you need around you when working. You need sufficient space for your reference materials, in-tray, and your desktop. Ideally, a good office table should have a minimum width of 48” (120cm).

Shelving and storage

Storage space is often overlooked when designing a workspace. Lacking adequate storage space around your home office can affect your productivity. In your home office you should Include filing cabinets, cupboards and/or a special custom-made chest of drawers to stash all your things. Keep an eye on your workflow, from what comes first to where it goes when it’s complete.

A place to meet your clients

Suppose you expect clients and customers to visit you. Then it would be best if you dedicated a small meeting area within your home. Allow for additional seats within your home office if you’re working with a bigger space. The seating could include one or two chairs that are easy to pull to your office desk.

It would help if you looked forward to working comfortably at home. Carve out a space from your house and dedicate it to a home office. Keep things you need when working around you to improve productivity.

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